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An industrial electrical Transformer is used to regulate the voltage applied to electrical equipment by either increasing or decreasing it. Transformers come in three main varieties: Control transformers, general purpose transformers, and buck-boost transformers.
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Our transformers are available across three different categories: Control transformers, low voltage general purpose (LVGP) transformers, and buck-boost transformers.

Control Transformers
Designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability during inrush current.

  • Primary Voltage Options: 120V to 600V
  • Capacity Options: 45VA to 5kVA
  • Designed for high inrush applications

Low Voltage General Purpose (LVGP) Transformers
Used to change voltage and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Primary Voltage Options: 120V to 600V
  • Capacity Options: 50VA to 750kVA
  • Designed for 60Hz operation
  • Encapsulated and Ventilated options

Buck-Boost Transformers
Can decrease (buck) or increase (boost) voltage as necessary.

  • Primary Voltage Options: 120V to 480V
  • Capacity Options: 50VA to 7.5kVA
  • Used to correct fluctuating line voltage or obtain a neutral on a delta system

Transformers can be used in virtually any application where they are sized appropriately according to the primary and secondary voltages. However, certain transformers are more efficient at handling certain applications or have added design features. Some common examples of uses for each transformer type are listed below.

Where are control transformers used?

  • Automation control systems (provide lower voltage for PLCs, power supplies, pilot devices)
  • Motor control systems (provides pilot voltages for control circuits and contactor coils)
  • Machine tool peripheral devices (solenoids, relays, contactors)
  • Cooling fans used in control enclosures moving components.

Where are low voltage general purpose transformers used?

  • Facility lighting
  • Computer rooms
  • Plant power distribution
  • Dedicated equipment power source
  • Power isolation to critical processes

Where are buck-boost transformers used?

  • Motors
  • HVAC systems
  • Heaters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Matching international equipment voltage requirements to supply voltage
  • Low voltage lighting

Who uses control transformers?

Anyone with a need to control the electrical power coming into their application can potentially make use of a transformer. Some industries that see transformer use include:.

  • Industrial Plants
  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical
  • Building Control

Control Transformers
Most often used to step down power to motor controls. They are also ideally suited to handle inrush currents. Consider a control transformer if the components in your control panel require a lower voltage than incoming power.

LVGP Transformers
Suitable for a wide range of applications. These transformers provide an isolated voltage source to areas and equipment needing a voltage different from the incoming power. The electrical isolation between the primary and secondary winding minimize noise induced on the line from other equipment within the facility.

Buck-Boost Transformers
Wired as an autotransformer with one side of the line common to the primary and secondary windings. When wired in a buck or boost configuration, the secondary windings are wired to increase or decrease the voltage output voltage 5 to 20 % from the input voltage.

When you see the FMX brand on a product it means you can be assured of high quality and competitive pricing. Most FMX products are produced in the same factories and on the same production lines as many well-known major name brands offered in the market today. All of these products meet or exceed the expected quality and certification requirements in the United States for many industrial applications and undergo stringent testing to ensure they will perform according to standards in the field.

FMX Products Include:
  • Control Transformers

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Micron Industries Corporation is a manufacturer of control magnetics and custom windings headquartered in Oak Brook IL with manufacturing facilities in Sterling IL. Micron seeks to deliver the finest products in power control. From their modern manufacturing facility, they offer over 4,500 active designs including high-quality transformers and power supplies. Micron has become the supplier of choice to the majority of the motor control and drive industry.

Micron Products Include:
  • Control Transformers
  • General Purpose Transformers
  • Buck-Boost Transformers

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