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Pushbuttons & Indicators

Pushbuttons and Indicators
Pushbuttons are an essential part of many applications. These parts allow an operator to control and application. These devices include momentary pushbuttons, selector switches, emergency stop operators, and more. Indicators allow the application to interact with the operator by visually representing different conditions.
22mm Pusbuttons
and Indicators
22mm Pusbuttons and Indicators22mm Pusbuttons and Indicators
30mm Pusbuttons
and Indicators
30mm Pusbuttons and Indicators30mm Pusbuttons and Indicators
Pushbutton StationsPushbutton Stations
Legend Plates
22mm & 30mm
Legend PlatesLegend Plates
Modular Pushbuttons
and Indicators
Modular Pushbuttons and IndicatorsModular Pushbuttons and Indicators

Our selection of pushbuttons and indicators includes a wide variety of styles including flush pushbuttons, extended pushbuttons, recessed pushbuttons, momentary and e-stop mushrooms, selector switches, and more. Pushbuttons and indicators are available in 22 and 30mm categories, and a variety of accessories are available. Modular pushbuttons and indicators are also available in a range of styles.

22mm Operators
  • Flush, Extended, Recessed, and Multi Pushbuttons
  • Momentary and E-Stop Mushrooms
  • Pilot Lights
  • Selector and Illuminated Switches
  • Accessories for 22mm
  • UL Type 4X, IP66 rated
  • Heavy Duty glass-filled polymer construction
  • Solar protection impregnated in material on non-illuminated models

30mm Operators
  • Flush, Extended, Recessed, and Multi Pushbuttons
  • Selector Switches, and Momentary and E-Stop Mushrooms
  • Pilot Lights, Panel Lights, and Buzzers
  • UL Type 4, IP65 rated
  • Fit 1-13/64 (30.5mm) hole with no notch
  • Contact blocks snap in
  • Up to 8 contact blocks per operator (non-illuminated)
  • Illuminated devices use mini bayonet-base lamps
  • LED lamps have leakage protection

Pushbutton Stations
  • Available in UL Types 4X (plastic), 12 (steel), or 4X (304 stainless steel)
  • 22mm and 30mm Options
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-Position Options

Modular DIN Switches
  • Maintained, Momentary, and Alternating Switches
  • LED Light modules available in five colors with flashing red LED available
  • 2- and 3-position switches available with and without spring return
  • 2-position switches available with glow light
  • 10A contact ratings
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Standard single module DIN dimensions fit IP65 plastic enclosures

What are Pushbuttons & Indicators?
Pushbuttons and Switches are electro-mechanical devices that allow an operator to interact with a system by manually opening or closing contacts in an electrical circuit. Along with indicator lights, these devices are essential to industrial systems as they can pass information to the operator or allow the operator to start, stop, or alter a process.

Where are Pushbuttons & Indicators Used?
Pushbuttons, Switches, and Indicators are utilized virtually anywhere an operator interfaces with a system. A few examples include:
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Pump Stations
  • Conveyors
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation Systems

Who uses Pushbuttons & Indicators?
Pushbuttons are used across most industries to control many types of systems. Some of these industries include:
  • Material Handling
  • Food and Beverage
  • Power Generation
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

What Style of Pushbutton, Switch, or Indicator Do You Need?
Both form and function are important aspects of choosing your pushbuttons and indicators. A wide variety of interfacing devices are available ranging from simple flush pushbuttons to mushrooms or even switches. Available styles include:
  • Flush Pushbuttons
  • Extended Pushbuttons
  • Recessed Pushbuttons
  • Momentary Mushrooms
  • E-Stop Mushrooms
  • Selector Switches
  • Indicator Lights

What Environmental Protection Range Does the Application Require?
The environmental range of a pushbutton is one of the most important considerations in some applications. Having the right protection rating can mean the difference between meeting and not meeting certain codes and standards. We carry pushbuttons and indicators with the following protection ratings:
  • Type 4X, IP40, IP65, IP66

Note that not all pushbuttons, switches, and indicator lights are available in all environmental ranges.

What Size?
The size of a pushbutton or indicator refers to the size of the hole where the device is installed. Our pushbuttons and indicators are available in two sizes: 22mm and 30mm. These include switches and different pushbutton styles such as flush, recessed, and mushroom. Modular DIN switches and indicators in size DIN 43 880 are also available. These modular devices fit on DIN rail or inside compatible component enclosures.

How do you Build a Pushbutton Assembly?

Choose Operator Device:
22mm (Type 4x, IP66) OR 30mm (Type 4, IP65)
Choose Contact Blocks
Choose Other Accessories
- Legend Plates, Lamp Blocks, Bulbs, etc.

WEG Electric Corporations
WEG is one of the largest industrial electric control manufacturers, producing more than 21 million units annually and always striving to improve. Attention to detail is the hallmark characteristic at WEG. All products, including their line of pushbuttons and indicators, are driven by the desire to increase efficiency. WEG manufactures reliable pilot devices and compatible accessories. Depending on the project environment and application, WEG provides a wide variety of product types, sizes, and technology.

WEG Products Include:
  • AC Drives
  • AC Motors
  • Pushbuttons
  • Soft Starters

More about WEG

ELKO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic equipment including modular DIN switches. They perform research and development in their own R&D center with more than 30 engineers at work developing new products and improving existing products. As with all of ELKO products, the modular DIN switches are produced in conformity with ISO 9001 production standards. .

ELKO Products Include:
  • Relays
  • Modular DIN Switches

More about ELKO