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Motor Controls

Motor Controls
Motor Control devices provide the electrical control required to run a given motor. There are three main types of motor controllers: contactors, thermal overloads, and manual motor starters. Contactors provide remote electronic switching of electrical circuits, and thermal overloads provide overload protection for the electrical circuits. Manual motor starters provide manual switching of the circuits while also offering short circuit protection and thermal overload protection.
Contactors and
Contactors and OverloadsContactors and Overloads
Manual Motor
Manual Motor ProtectorsManual Motor Protectors
Enclosed DOL
Motor Starters
Enclosed DOL Motor StartersEnclosed DOL Motor Starters
Enclosed Combination
Motor Starters
Enclosed Combination Motor StartersEnclosed Combination Motor Starters
Soft Starters
Enclosed Soft StartersEnclosed Soft Starters
Control Panels
Modified/Custom Control PanelsModified/Custom Control Panels

We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality motor controls to meet a range of application needs. These options include contactors, overload relays, manual motor protectors, and more from industry leaders such as LSIS and FMX.

Contactors and Overloads

Contactors and Mini Contactors

  • • 6 to 800 Amps
  • • 2, 3, or 4 Pole Options
  • • N/O and N/C Options
  • • 50/60 Hz Coils
  • • Coil Voltage Options up to 575VAC
  • • UL508 6 and 8 Pole Options Available for DC Applications

Overload Relays

  • • 0.1 to 800A Overload Range Depending on Model
  • • 2 or 3 Pole Options
  • • Trip Class 10

Accessories Include: Auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, link modules, reverse wire kits, replacement coils, electronic modules, mechanical interlock blocks, mounting brackets, lugs, timer units, and insulation barriers

Manual Motor Protectors

  • • Up to 100kA Interrupt Rating
  • • 0.1 to 100A
  • • Trip Class 10
  • • IP20 Finger-Safe Terminals

Accessories include: Handles, bus bars, auxiliary contact blocks, link adapters, mounting adapters, shunt and undervoltage releases, and trip alarm switches

Enclosed Starters
Enclosed DOL Motor Starters

  • • 0.4 to 112A Current Trip Range
  • • 1.1 to 104 Starter FLA
  • • Single and Three Phase Options
  • • Trip Class 10
  • • Metal, Polycarbonate, Steel, and Stainless-Steel Enclosures
Enclosed Combination Motor Starters

  • • Manual Motor Starter, Molded Case Circuit Breaker, and Fusible Disconnect options
  • • Input Voltage Options up to 460V
  • • UL Types 1, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 Available
  • • Polycarbonate, Mild Steel, and Stainless-Steel Enclosures
Enclosed Soft Starters

  • • Up to 1400A
  • • Three Phase Input and Output
  • • Input Voltage Options up to 460V

What are Motor Controls?
Motor Controls are used to make and break the electrical circuits powering a motor. This control allows an operator to turn the motor on and off, but it also can mean control of the acceleration and deceleration as well as a means of thermal overload and short circuit protection.

What Types of Motor Controls are Available?

Contactors are switches that allow for the making and breaking of electrical circuits. The contactor is electrically controlled, and as such it does not require direct interaction from the operator to turn the circuit on or off. Thermal Overload Relays can be used in conjunction with a contactor to provide thermal overload protection. The overload relays heat up over time and open the circuit before damage occurs to the motor.
Mini Contactors

Miniature Contactors are similar to regular contactors. They are switches that make and break electrical circuits. However, mini contactors are smaller contactors that are generally rated for less than 25A.
Manual Motor Protectors

Manual Motor Protectors (MMP), also known as Manual Motor Starters (MMS) or Motor Circuit Protectors (MCP), provide a direct means of making or breaking a circuit. Their basic function is that of an ON/OFF switch, and unlike a contactor they cannot switch the circuit on or off without direct interaction. In addition to making and breaking, the MMP also acts as thermal overload and short circuit protection.
Direct-On-Line Motor Starters

A Direct-On-Line (DOL) starter is a direct means of turning a motor on or off. This is useful in situations where a motor needs to be shut down without turning off power to other circuits, such as during maintenance.
Combination Motor Starters

A Combination starter is a combination of devices that at a minimum include a magnetic starter, thermal overload protection, short circuit protection, and a means of disconnection. For example, this can include contactors with overload relays and fusible disconnects or circuit breakers.
Enclosed Combination Soft Starters

An Enclosed Soft Starter is a combination of devices that at a minimum include a soft starter, thermal overload protection, short circuit protection, and a means of disconnection. Soft Starters are solid state devices that allow the acceleration and deceleration of a motor to be controlled. This is useful for motors where an across-the-line start is not desired and/or may cause damage or injury. The Soft Starter limits the high inrush currents on motor startup and protects the motor.

Where are Motor Controls Used?
Motor controls are used in virtually every industry. Some examples include:

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Fans/Exhausters
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Dryers and Rotary Ovens
  • Stirrers/Mixers
  • Granulators/Palletizers
  • Process Dosing Pumps
  • Rotary Filters

Who Uses Motor Controls?
Motors are used in almost all industries, and as a result motor controls also see widespread use. Some of these industries include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Material Handling
  • Cement

Selecting Motor Controls
There are a few important factors to consider when selecting the motor controls for your applications. Make sure to keep the following in mind when making your choices:

Do You Know Your Full Load Amps?
The Full Load Amps (FLA) rating of the AC Drive must meet or exceed the FLA of the motor. To properly determine your AC Drive needs, you must size the drive based on Amps:

  • Identify the Full Load Amps (FLA)* of the motor
  • Select the AC Drive that meets or exceeds this FLA rating

Full Load Amps (FLA) refers to the current of the motor at its rated load and voltage. It is equal to the amps the motor draws while producing the rated output horsepower. For more information on determining your FLA, view this Knowledge Base entry.
What Coil Voltage Do You Need?
The Coil Voltage of the motor control device that you choose should match the voltage of the control circuit that will power the device. This can be the same as your line voltage, but it can also be independent of the line voltage and unrelated to your motor’s voltage. We offer common coil voltage options such as:

  • BACnet is designed for Building Automation and Control systems and can control lighting, HVAC, security access, and fire detection systems
  • 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VDC, 120VAC, 208-240VAC, 400-480VAC

What is Your Motor’s Input Voltage?
It is important to know your motor’s input voltage when selecting your motor control device. Improperly sizing your motor controls can lead to damage to equipment and even to injury. Ensure that your motor’s input voltage does not exceed the input voltage rating of your chosen motor controls.

What Overload (O/L) Range Does Your Application Require?
Ensure that the Full Load Amp rating of your motor falls within the O/L Range of the motor controls you select. Pulling more amps than the overload range leads to tripping of the device in order to protect the motor. Selecting an overload range below your Full Load Amps will likely result in nuisance tripping, and selecting an overload range much higher than your Full Load Amps can result in a failure to properly detect overloads.

Interrupt Rating
Some forms of motor control include short circuit protection. If you choose to use motor controls that include short circuit protection, such as a manual motor starter, the interrupt rating will identify the maximum current that can successfully be interrupted without resulting in damage.

We carry a wide variety of accessories to go along with our robust selection of motor controls. Some of these accessories include the following options:

Auxiliary Contact Blocks

Auxiliary contact blocks are secondary switching devices. These auxiliary contacts are closed when the motor starter is activated and can be used to turn on a device in addition to the motor simultaneously.
Link Modules

Link Modules provide an electrical and mechanical connection between a manual motor protector and a contactor. These accessories simplify wiring and reduce wiring space.

Surge Suppressors

Surge Suppressors provide a place for voltage spikes to go when a contactor coil is de-energized. This negates the voltage accumulation that is typically associated with the coil de-energizing.
Reverse Wire Kits

Reverse Wire Kits make it simple to add an additional contactor to enable a motor to run in reverse.

LS Industrial Systems
LSIS embraces the company vision of being a leader in electricity and automation to create a productive industrial society through the provision of total solutions. They offer high quality, eco-friendly innovations, and constantly strive to further their own business and the industrial world through investments in research and development.

LSIS Products Include:
  • Contactors and Overloads
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Manual Motor Protectors
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers

More about LSIS

When you see the FMX brand on a product it means you can be assured of high quality and competitive pricing. Most FMX products are produced in the same factories and on the same production lines as many well-known major name brands offered in the market today. All of these products meet or exceed the expected quality and certification requirements for many industrial applications and undergo stringent testing to ensure they will perform according to standards in the field.

FMX Products Include:
  • AC Drives
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • Motor Controls
  • Panel Meters
  • Relays
  • Sensors
  • Signal Lights
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Wiring Solutions

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Ideally suited for use in industrial automation applications, IMO’s products target the needs of applications in such a way as to improve efficiency in industrial processes. IMO’s quality-assured manufacturing sites ensure their products continue to be recognized for quality and reliability throughout the world. Backed by unique warranty periods of up to five years and in compliance with all relevant international standards and approvals, customers specifying IMO products can do so with confidence.

IMO Products Include:
  • DC Contactors & Isolators
  • HMI Operator Interfaces
  • Jumpers
  • PV Rapid Shutdown Solutions
  • Terminal Blocks

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