• Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters
Digital Panel Meters
Digital Panel Meters receive an input from a control process and then display it in a digital format for operators. Different panel meters can be selected to accommodate a variety of input signals from control applications. Panel meters also offer a variety of functions in addition to data display such as alarm outputs, timers, or heating and cooling control.

Digital panel meters are a crucial part of how operators interface with a system. These meters enable operators to monitor and even control system states. Our supply of digital panel meters is comprised of innovative meters from FMX and Delta. These meters focus on readability, functionality, reliability, and flexibility.

PML Series Panel Meters

Variety of Meter Types
  • Multimeter (Amp, Volt & Frequency)
  • Process
  • CT
  • Shunt

Positive and Negative Displays
  • Positive displays are ideal for environments with high intensity ambient lighting
  • Negative displays reduce glare and aid viewing in dark environments

Combined Analog and Digital Displays
  • Analog-Style Bar Graph provides at-a-glance readings
  • Digital-Style 4-Digit display always provides specific readings

3 User-Selectable Colors
  • Able to be selected via PML Series Configurator Software
  • Colors can be assigned to different system states to act as at-a-glance status indication:
    Green = Optimal, White = Low, Red = High

Multiple Environmental Protection Options
  • Type 4, 12 & IP65

DTB Temperature / Process Controllers

Flexible Functionality
  • DTB meters are great for both Process AND Temperature control

Universal Sensor Input
  • Thermocouple (K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B, L, U, TXK)
  • 3 Wire Platinum RTD (pt100, jpt100)
  • Analog Input (0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-50mV)

4 Control Modes
  • PID w/ Auto-Tune
  • ON/OFF
  • Manual
  • PID Step Control (Ramp/Soak)

MODBUS Communication

CTA Counter / Timer / Tachometer

3 Operation Modes
  • Counter Function
  • Multifunction Timer
  • Tachometer Function

2 Output Configurations
  • Output 1: Transistor AND Relay
  • Output 2: Transistor OR Relay

Encoder/Sensor Output
  • +12VDC (100mA) output available for encoder or sensor power

What is a Digital Panel Meter?

Digital Panel Meters receive input from sensors and display information on screen for operators to monitor the conditions of an application. In addition to displaying information, these meters also include counter, timer, tachometer, and temp/process control functions.

Where are Digital Panel Meters used?

Digital panel meters are used in many applications where precise measurement of some variable is necessary. Some examples include:
  • Heating Control Units
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Motor Controls
  • Airplanes
  • Continuous ovens

Who uses Digital Panel Meters?

A wide variety of industries make use of digital panel meters to monitor their applications. Some industries include:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Material Handling
  • Food and Beverage

Selecting a Digital Panel Meter

There are a variety of factors that can go into the proper selection of a digital panel meter. Consider the following information to choose the right panel meter for your application:

What kind of input signal do you have?

One of the most important aspects of meter selection is what kind of signal the panel meter will be monitoring. Our panel meters accept a variety of input signals including:
  • • Thermocouple Input
  • • 3 Wire Platinum RTD
  • • Analog Input
What type of meter do you need?

Not every meter offers the same functionality. Your meter choice will depend on the type of signal being monitored and what that signal represents. We offer a wide variety of meters for a range of applications. Some examples of available meter types include:
  • • Multi Meters (Amps Volts Frequency)
  • • Process Controllers/Meters
  • • Temperature Controllers
  • • Counter/Timer/Tachometers
  • • CT Meters
  • • Shunt Meters
What are your physical size requirements?

In some cases, the physical size of the meter may be important for use with your application. Always make sure that the size of the meter and the required size of the cutout are within the bounds of your application.

When you see the FMX brand on a product it means you can be assured of high quality and competitive pricing. Most FMX products are produced in the same factories and on the same production lines as many well-known major name brands offered in the market today. All of these products meet or exceed the expected quality and certification requirements for many industrial applications and undergo stringent testing to ensure they will perform according to standards in the field.

FMX Products Include:
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Delta Electronics
Delta is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. They produce a variety of reliable, high-performance process and temperature controllers that are available from FactoryMation. With a commitment to high quality and value, Delta’s products aim to fit the needs of many applications.

Delta Products Include:
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