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Power Supplies

Power Supplies
Industrial DC switching power supplies are an essential part of any control system that requires the conversion of available AC power into reliable DC control power. Manufactured by trusted names IMO and Micron, our power supplies come in either rugged metal or compact plastic options.

What Is a Power Supply?
Our DC Switching Power Supplies convert AC input power to DC power. Additionally, these Power Supplies step down power. This means they can take a higher AC voltage and step it down to a lower DC voltage to power devices that require lower voltage DC power.

Where Are Power Supplies Used?
Power supplies are an important part of the automation process and are used to convert and/or step down the input power for devices. Some devices that require or benefit from the use of a power supply include:

Who Uses Power Supplies?
Power supplies see widespread use across many industries. Some of these industries include:

  • Agriculture
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas

Selecting a Power Supply
Understanding the power requirements of your application and knowing the power available to you as input power are important in choosing the right power supply. Know the answers to these questions to help find the right power supply for your application.

What Input Voltage does your application need?

The power supply must be able to accept your input power to operate properly. A power supply may simply fail to turn on with input below its rating while input above its rated range may cause damage. Our single-phase power supplies are available with 90-264VAC, 100-240VAC, or 400-500VAC input power options. Three-phase power supplies are available at 400-500VAC.
What Wattage do you need?

The power supply’s capacity is measured in wattage. It is crucial to determine how many watts your application requires. Choose the power supply watt rating that is at or above the watts needed to power your application. Power supply models range from 15W to 960W output ratings. In order to determine the watts required for your application, take the required DC voltage times required full load amps with the formula W = V x A.
What Output Voltage does your application require?

Ensure that the power supply you choose can supply the proper output voltage for the control circuit it is meant to power. Available power supply models allow you to select 12V, 24V, or 48V DC output.

Ideally suited for use in industrial automation applications, IMO’s products target the needs of applications in such a way as to improve efficiency in industrial processes. IMO’s quality-assured manufacturing sites ensure their products continue to be recognized for quality and reliability throughout the world. Backed by unique warranty periods of up to five years and in compliance with all relevant international standards and approvals, customers specifying IMO products can do so with confidence.

IMO Power Supplies include:
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Micron Industries Corporation is a manufacturer of control magnetics and custom windings headquartered in Oak Brook IL with manufacturing facilities in Sterling IL. Micron seeks to deliver the finest products in power control. From their modern manufacturing facility, they offer over 4,500 active designs including high-quality transformers and power supplies. Micron has become the supplier of choice to the majority of the motor control and drive industry.

Micron Power Supplies include:
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15 to 30 Watt Models

from $21.70

60 to 240 Watt Models

from $28.90

24 to 100 Watt Models

from $27

18 to 100 Watt Models
5, 12, or 24VDC Output

from $27

60 to 960 Watt Models
12, 24, or 48VDC Output

from $67