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Electrical Disconnects, also known as disconnect switches or load break switches, ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized. This allows for safe maintenance of equipment. The disconnects offered by FactoryMation are industrial grade and are much more robust than typical residential or commercial switches. Disconnect switch varieties include Load Break Switches, Enclosed Load Break Switches, Fusible and Non-Fusible Disconnects, and Solar DC Isolators

Disconnect switches are used to manually switch an electrical circuit on or off. Some Disconnects even provide circuit protection in addition to manual disconnection. We offer a variety of Disconnects for feeder and branch circuits as required by your application. Photovoltaic (PV) rated Disconnects are also available for solar applications.

Load Break Switches
  • UL508 Listed
  • Make and break loads up to 600VAC
  • 20-80 Amps
  • IP20 finger-safe integrated box terminals
  • Suitable as a Motor Disconnect

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Compact Fused Switches
  • UL98 Listed
  • Make and break loads up to 600V
  • 30A
  • SCCR up to 200kA
  • IP20 finger-safe rating
  • Extra compact footprint

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Enclosed Load Break Switches
  • UL508 Listed
  • Make and break loads up to 600VAC
  • 40-60 Amps
  • IP65 dust-tight enclosure
  • Suitable as a Motor Disconnect

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Fusible Disconnects
  • UL98 Listed
  • Make and break loads up to 600VAC
  • 30-1200 Amps
  • SCCR up to 200kA
  • Suitable for Service Entrance Use

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Non-fusible Disconnects
  • UL98 Listed
  • Make and break loads up to 600VAC
  • 30-1200 Amps
  • SCCR 100kA @ 480V with Class J fuses
  • Suitable for Service Entrance Use

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Solar DC Isolators
  • UL508i Listed
  • Rated for 350/500/600VDC
  • 16-55 Amps
  • IP40 or IP66 Depending on Model
  • 1 to 4 String Models

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Photovoltaic (PV) Disconnects
  • UL98B Listed
  • Rated for 1000/1500VDC
  • 250A and 400A Options
  • SCCR 10kA
  • Visible Contacts and Compact Footprint
  • Suitable for Combiner Box Applications

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What are Disconnects?

Disconnects are used to shut off the power to an electrical circuit for a variety of reasons ranging from emergency situations to maintenance requirements. These disconnects may be placed at the service entrance or somewhere down the line from the service entrance depending on the rating.

Where are Disconnects used?

Our Disconnects are industrial-grade devices that are primarily used in settings such as factories. Applications include:
  • Main Incoming Power Line Disconnect (UL98)
  • Solar Power System Disconnects (UL508i)
  • Individual Motor Disconnects (UL508)

Who uses Disconnects?

Due to electrical code mandates and the general-purpose nature of electrical Disconnects, they see widespread use across many industries. Some examples include:
  • Industrial Control
  • Solar
  • Utilities
  • Heating and Air
  • Building Control

UL98 vs UL508

UL98 disconnects are designed and rated for primary circuit disconnect and protection such as for motor control centers and incoming power on control systems. UL98 disconnects can also be required for branch circuit and feeder circuit disconnect and protection down from the primary circuit disconnect. UL508 devices are intended for supplemental disconnect downstream from another properly rated circuit protector such as a UL98 disconnect or a UL489 MCCB. They are used as supplemental circuit disconnects for industrial control equipment or as manual motor disconnects when they are clearly marked as such.

Load Break Switches

All our load break switches are padlockable. In addition, we offer Enclosed switches which provide protection for both the device and for personnel. We stock some of the most compact industrial-grade switches available, with features such as:
  • Different mounting options including DIN-rail, surface, or door mounting
  • Finger-safe box terminals
  • Making or breaking loads up to 600V
  • Enclosed models with triple padlocking

Fusible Disconnects vs Non-Fusible Disconnects

Fusible and Non-fusible disconnects both range from 30 to 1200 amps and feature double breaking. Fusible disconnects include an SCCR up to 200kA. Non-fusible disconnects SCCR is up to 100kA at 480V with the appropriate Class J fuses.

Solar DC Isolators vs PV-Rated Disconnects

Solar DC isolators are intended for use in solar power systems and are utilized to disconnect and to isolate DC panel loads in solar applications. They are available up to 55 Amps and with one to four strings. Lockable handle models are also available.

Photovoltaic (PV) Disconnects are also designed for use in solar applications. However, their ratings make them ideal for use in larger string combiner box level applications at 1000V or 1500V DC where large amounts of solar panels are installed.

Current Rating (Amps)

To properly size your disconnect, calculate the maximum load of the line and ensure that the disconnect meets or exceeds this calculation.

Ferraz Shawmut by Mersen

For over 125 years, Mersen has been a leading player in the electrical power industry. They demonstrate global success in electrical components including electrical disconnects.

Mersen Products Include:
  • Load Break Switches
  • Enclosed Load Break Switches
  • Fusible Disconnects
  • Non-Fusible Disconnects
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Disconnects

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IMO’s focus is on targeting the needs of applications in such a way as to improve efficiency in industrial processes. Their products are manufactured in quality-assured manufacturing sites in order to continue to be recognized for quality and reliability throughout the world. Every product line is designed to carry these values forward so that customers can be assured in the knowledge that they are making a no-compromise selection.

IMO Products Include:
  • Solar DC Isolators

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20 to 80 Amps

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40 to 60 Amps

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0.1 to 30 Amps

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30 to 1200 Amps

from $98.75

30 to 1200 Amps

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16 to 55 Amps

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250 & 400 Amps

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